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TIME. What is Time?

In the movie, "Beat the Devil" Peter Lorre described it this way:
"The Swiss manufacture it. The French squander it. The Americans say it is money. The Chinese say it doesn't exist. I think time is a crook." Heather's husband, Walter Pearson, saxophoist/leader and the Straight Ahead Jazz Quintet (SAJQ) bring more fuel to that fire. Maybe this offering will rekindle a memory or two for you as well.

--Alex Burton, August, 2005

Order the "Some Other Time" CD by sending your address and a check for $15.00 (includes shipping and handling) to Walter Pearson, 725 Ridgeway Street, Dallas, TX 75214

On "Some Other Time," you'll hear ...
A Certain Smile Almost Like Being in Love How Little We Know
I Just Found Out About Love
Some Other Time
Too Young to Go Steady
Black Nile
So Many Stars
Dedicated To You
Don't Worry About Me
All of You
Woody n' You
If I Only Had a Brain
In Love In Vain
Little Girl Blue

Hear Heather Paterson sing the title song
from "Some Other Time"
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And "Black Nile" with Walt Pearson and the band:
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Hear the Demo by downloading it here:
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